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Coach Boppin #76


Joined SVDG:  I have been coming out to help since the beginning but officially came over in 2010.


SVDG Debut: I played as a borrowed skater in their 1st game in 2009, it was against the Undead Betties.


Profession:  I am a stay at home crafty mommy.


Skater Gear: Suregrip S-75 boot and Avenger plate, Lowboys/ Poisen’s and boom wheels, Qube bearings, 187 Pads, S-1 Helmet


Teams you’ve played for: I started with Port City Roller Girls, but have played with High Country Hellcats, Rollin’ Roulettes, Castle Bombers, Fresno Derby Alliance, Legends, Team Rex, and the Charming Regulators.


How did you get involved in derby: My oldest sons daycare director, Nacho Mama, was with Port City and kept inviting me to come out and watch a practice, once I was there I just knew it for me!


How did you choose your name and number? My name came from an album called “Rockin’ Boppin” That I loved, we all had made up personas at the time and I was a singer turned derby girl. My number is the number my husband had in HS.


Sports background: I have no previous sport background, unless wall ball counts…


Off skates workouts: I like circuit training, insanity, swimming, and running…


Best fresh meat moment: We were playing against Sacred City and I knocked down my long time hero Shadow Soldier. I was so excited I threw my hands up and screamed “YESSSSS, I JUST KNOCKED YOU DOWN!” I then realized I was probably about to die and ran away!


Favorite derby moment: My favorite feeling as of yet was when my team, The Legends, placed 3rd at regionals which meant we were going to Nationals. I had worked really hard to get there and my team was just thrilled. It was like the building grew silent and everything was in slow motion kind of happy.


Pre-bout rituals: I have many, and they are weird, but above all I always make sure to take time to pray a little and thank God for the opportunity to play another game.


Derby wife/spouse: My husband has always been my biggest supporter in derby, he encourages me to be my best self and takes on more than his share so that I can do what I love. I have also been in a on again off again Derby affair with Sidney Vicious for almost 10 years now, so this year we will be married RollerCon style. Then there are some girls that I can always count on and they bring a smile to my face JDead, my mistress. Knotty Wench, my road buddy, and Tiny Tornado my off track Bestie. What can I say… I just love love man.


Derby heroes

There are just so many.. Jamin Jewlz, 2 Quick, Shadow Soldier, Bonnie D Stroyer




Sweeping walls.


Sternum checks.

Derby Heroes

Carmen Getsome (Rat City)
Demanda Riot (Bay Area)
Krissy Krash (Angel City).

Coach Boppin


I love that It doesn’t matter your background, if you work hard enough you can be great! I also love sewing, poodles, unicorns, rainbows, glitter, pizza, and long walks on the beach.



Girls that give up, liars, bad sports, and mean people.


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