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Coach Carly Chaos #89

Joined SVDG: February 28, 2011

SVDG Debut: June 28, 2011

Profession: Medical Biller, Child Care Worker, Student

Skate Gear: Riedell R3’s on Avenger plate, Atom Omegas

Teams you’ve played for: Sintral Valley Derby Girls

How did you get involved in roller derby? Random whim, waited over a year as I thought the team was 21+ only, found out it wasn’t and dove right in.

How did you choose your derby name & number? My number is 89 because I was born in 1989 & my name was out of dire need, I gave a couple names and left the rest to my sister; ironically I ended up Carly Chaos and chaos makes me anxious, I’m actually a little bit of a neat freak.

Pre-Derby Sports Background: None really.

Off Skates Workouts: 2 times per week of cardio and a circuit workout

Best Fresh Meat Moment: My very first practice I fell in each turn and couldn’t walk for 3 days. I still came back the next week.


Favorite Derby Moment: My first game jamming when I surprised the hell out of myself and everyone else and actually did really well.

Derby Heroes: Scald Eagle, Carmen Getsome, Demanda Riot


Pre-Bout Ritual: I don’t have an actual ritual other than being there early to run set up. I have a bad habit of not eating on bout days though so I try to have a decent breakfast before heading out.

Derby Wife: VodKaBoom, although she’s retired now. My sancha is Shell Shock! ;)



Coach Carly Chaos


Roller derby (duh!), cuddling at home, random adventure when the mood strikes me.


passive aggressiveness, clutter, FISH!


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