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Diva Destroyer #5150

Joined the Motown Misfits: 2012


First Bout: December 2012


Skate Gear: ProTec


Teams you've played for: Motown Misfits


How did you get involved in roller derby? Found out about it online.


How did you choose your derby name & number? I act like a diva and I like things that destroy, and my number because I'm crazy.


Pre-Derby Background: Girl Scouts, Animal Club


Off-skates Workouts: Track, push-ups, and jumping jacks


Best Fresh Meat Moment: Skating and the stops


Favorite Derby Moment: Blocking


Likes: Blocking, jamming, skating, hitting


Dislikes: Nothing


Derby Heroes: Boppin and Slam Bam Mir-I-am


Favorite position: Blocking


Diva Destroyer | Motown Misfits


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