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Hell Raze Hurr # 24K

Joined SVDG: One of the Original skaters in  November 2009 & Returned April 2014


SVDG Debut: 2009 & 2014


Profession: profiler of the criminally insane by day ... Superhero by night


Skate Gear: Riedells  695, avenger plates, Atom position mix wheels. 187 pro derby knee, 187 elbow, triple 8 wrist.


Teams you’ve played for: SVDG, RRDG, Suburban Legends, Hell Cats High Country & banked track SF Bay Bombers ,

And Brooklyn Red Devils


How did you get involved in roller derby? I failed anger management so the Judge told me to find a hobby & softball wasn't enough physical contact! I was recruited by a SVDG sister.


How did you choose your derby name & number? I've ALWAYS been associated with causing hell & well my derby number was decided by my best friend's husband, one night after being out & all the ladies & Men wanting some Hell love... 24k baby... ;)


Pre-Derby Sports Background: Martial Arts, Basketball, Softball


Off Skates Workouts: martial arts, circuit & gym regularly


Best Fresh Meat Moment: Getting my jaw broke first jam in my debut bout by Sticky Vicky from Bakersfield Diamond Divas...  I skated the whole bout!!! :)


Favorite Derby Moment: skating with Demanda Riot & Lulu Lockjaw..


Derby Heroes: Jamin Jewlz, Loco Lisa, Shadow Soldier, Bonnie D Stroyer, Demanda Riot, there's just too many to list!!


Pre- Bout Ritual: Pray to creator in the morning then blast music while getting ready ... Drink my C-4 , glitter glitter glitter.. Rock the hawk & transform into HELL RAZE HURR....


Derby Wives: what?? You gotta commit!!??? Being the non-committal type I technically have no derby wife.. However my roll or die biootch will forever be Rainbow Rocket..



Hell Raze Hurr

Creating havoc on the track & taunting jammers...


Stalkers... & poor sportsmanship.


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