Sintral Valley Derby Girls roller derby in Turlock, California


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Krash.0 #9.8

Head Ref

Joined SVDG: 2010


SVDG Debut:  2012


Profession: Legal


Skate Gear: Smith Scabs Knee Pads, 187 Elbow Pads, S-One Lifer Helmet, 911 Skates, Eagle Plus Plates, Devil Ray Wheels, SISU Mouth Guard, Atom Armor Wrist Guards, and TSG Knee Gaskets


Teams you’ve played for:  SVDG; Refereed for Merced, Stockton, Sacramento and Sonora


How did you get involved in roller derby? A girl was handing out fliers at In-Shape in Ceres… and I just felt I had to try.


How did you choose your derby name & number?
Name:  I was on the floor more than I was on my skates when I first started learning how to skate (a ridiculous amount). Also, I am a definite computer and video game lover.

Number: 9.8 m/s^2 is the measure of the speed acceleration of an object that is at a free fall state (without considering the resistance of the air)… thus, jokingly, the speed that I fall.


Pre-Derby Sports Background: Field show and drum line. YES, those are sports!


Off Skates Workouts: Kettle bell is my favorite.


Best Fresh Meat Moment: The day I could skate 25 laps in 5 minutes without feeling like death.


Favorite Derby Moment: The day the Inconcinnus Amicabiliter was formed.


Derby Heroes: Bonnie D. Stroir and Bonecrusher


Pre-Bout Ritual: The destroying of my house… apparently, it is impossible for me to be ready for a bout unless I try on everything I own and throw it on the floor while pulling out every piece of make-up I own and leaving it on the vanity.


Derby Wife/ Spouse: The Sisterhood of Awkwardness




Video Games (RPGS Please), Knitting, Baking, Shiba Inus, Cosplay, Anime/Manga, Star Wars, Star Trek, Fantasy Genre, Dancing and Food people make for me


FPS, Spyware, Tomatoes, People who yell louder and get vicious to get their way, having to cook for myself, Wearing wet socks and people who cannot use “your and you’re” appropriately in professional documents


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