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Lil Aly Cat #00

Joined the Motown Misfits: A little over three years ago, its my fourth season.


Teams I've Played For: Misfits, Sonora Jr Hellcats


Skate Gear: Use the brand Triple 8 for most of my gear, and Riedell skates, all decked out with cheetah laces and purple shwings.


How did you get involved in roller derby? Think it was my Mom's last ditch attempt to get me in a sport, she showed me the site and we went to watch a few practices, and I was hooked.


How did you choose your derby name & number? 'lil' is the first three letters of my first name, 'aly' first three letters of my middle name, and cats have always been my favorite animal. Plus, 'Alley cat" is a fitting name for a skater, even though I spell it differently.


Pre-Derby Sports Background: Took a few ballet classes and spent a while in gymnastics. Derby was really the first sport for me.


Off-Skates Workouts: yoga, swim, fitness challenges


Favorite Derby Moment: Hard to say, but probably a moment in practice when I jumped an entire block of concrete, closely followed by the first time I jammed in a bout.


Likes: reading, writing, helping others, skating fast, skating in general, cats, baking, silence


Dislikes: squats, burpees (especially on skates), people watching me, people who assume things


Derby Hero: Boppin. She's awesome, enough said.


Pre-Bout Ritual: check everything half-a-dozen times, then skate so fast I can't think of anything other than what I'm doing.


Lil Aly Cat | Motown Misfits


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