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Double O Nuts #00

Joined SVDG: March 2009


SVDG Debut: April 2009, SVDG vs Hellcats


Profession: Skater :)


Skate Gear: Fatboy knee pads, Triple 8 elbows, Atom wrist guards. I like variety.


Teams you've played for: SVDG, Rollin' Roulettes, Sonoma, Chico, Quad City & WTF


How did you get involved in roller derby? A friend of mine ran into Chesty Cheetah & learned where practice was. She didn't want to go alone so I went. I stayed, she didn't. :)


How did you choose your derby name & number? Double 0 is because I come in quick & calm. The Nuts is cuz I go out loud & crazy. Numbers in the name.


Pre-derby Sports Background: Softball, football, co-ed baseball, soccer, sloshball


Off-skates Workouts: I like to workout my beer arm and occasionally run from the neighbors dog.


Best Fresh Meat Moment: The first time I put on my uniform & truly felt a part of something.


Favorite Derby Moment: Every time they sing the National Anthem before a bout (I tear up)


Derby Heroes: Every girl whose eyes have ever & still do light up when she puts her skates on.


Pre-bout Ritual: I have a few: I always wear my batman sock on my right foot for mojo. I write "Sinner" under my right eye cuz that's who I am. I have a teammate write "DAD" on the back of my neck so he's always with me.



Double O Nuts

Horror movies, football, writing, staying in my PJ's & Kamikaze sledding.


Rude people, holey socks, bills, runs in my nylons, & did I mention rude-ass people?


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