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Pretti Wicked Old No. 7

CEO / Founder

Joined SVDG: :) I was the bored stressed out housewife when I decided to build this amazing team. September 2008.

SVDG Debut: 1st practice August 2008, basketball courts in many parks around Modesto. Until I transformed the now American Tire into a skating rink. Lit by generator and lights.

Profession: Jack(ie) of all trades, except anything with blood. (yay I play derby) I'm a single mom of 2 boys. But got paid for: Small Business Owner, Loss Prevention, Bartender, Dispatcher

Skate Gear: Same skates for 6 years up until this year. Got me the Wicked skates now. There Pretti I must say. ;) And I'm using the cheap gear….  :(  Pro-Tec.


Teams you’ve played for: None. Just mine.


How did you get involved in roller derby? In 2008 I was watching A&E Rollergirls, looked up derby in area, closest team was Stockton…I'm not a driver, so put up a page on good ol Myspace to see if anyone was interested. I lucked out with a handful of great already experienced derby girls that had no problem giving me a hand in getting started. Boppin, Sid Vicious, Kamikaze Kate, D Enforcer, MIA Timebomb.


How did you choose your derby name & number? I went through 3 in first year. Pretti Wicked….I liked being called Pretti….hadn't happened too much growing up so what the hell. Wicked….We all have that other side ;)

Pre-Derby Sports Background: High school sports: Volley Ball and softball. Always been a thrill seeker, like fast speeds and the wind in my face.


Off Skates Workouts: I go to the gym regularly. I love TRX. But mainly now just gym 3 days at least a week for hour and half.


Best Fresh Meat Moment: Pebbles. The smallest things can bring you down so fast, and hard. And wearing my helmet on backwards at least a couple laps.


Favorite Derby Moment: All of them. I've been able to experience so much from building this team and meeting all the different walks of life that have came and gone and stayed. I'm very thankful and proud of the stepping stones and confidence and friendships created by what I imagined and pursued. The dedication and support the new girls come in with, even if they are/were only around for a little bit kept me going.


Derby Heroes: All the woman that have came, tried, and those that are all a part of team now.  Jackie Daniels & Demanda Riot.


Pre-Bout Ritual: None. Always was too busy or preoccupied to have one.


Derby Wife: None as of yet. Havent found that special someone. To many to choose from. :)



Pretti Wicked CEO / Founder of Sintral Valley Derby Girls

MILK. Candy. Sushi. MILK. Pizza. Steak. Junk Food. MILK.


Not having MILK. Having to buy gas.

I'm very laid back and have patience for a lot. Theres not too much I dislike. Oh I don’t like chocolate dairy alcohol drinks.


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