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Roller Derby 101

Rules of the Game
(Yes, we have rules!)


Okay ladies and gents, here is roller derby in a nutshell:

Each team will send five skaters (the pack) to the track to participate in a jam. The group of five consists of a PIVOT, three BLOCKERS, and a JAMMER.


Helmet covers are used to identify the pivot and jammer on each team. Pivots wear a single-striped cover, jammers wear a star. These helmet covers are referred to as "panties". Blockers do not wear panties.


When the referee blows the whistle the jam begins and the pivot and blockers will begin to skate. The pivots will always be in front of the pack, leading their girls around the track. As soon as the last blocker crosses the pivot line, the ref will blow twice for the jammers to take off. At this point, both jammers are racing each other to get ahead of the pack. Blockers will try to block the opponent's jammer from breaking through the pack while simultaneously trying to help their own jammer get through the pack. The first jammer to pass the pack becomes the LEAD JAMMER.


Once the jammers have successfully passed through the pack they must try to lap around as many times possible. Jammers earn one point each time they pass an opposing player. Blockers will continue to try and prevent the opposing team from scoring and to help their own jammers gain points until the jam is over.


Usually a jam lasts two minutes, but the advantage of being the lead jammer is that they have the ability to end the jam at any time. If the opposing team is racking up points, a lead jammer can put a quick stop to that.



Jammers wear a helmet cover or "panty" with a star on it. They score points by lapping opponents on the track.
Blockers do not wear a helmet cover or "panty". Their jobs are to help their own jammers, and impede opposing jammers.
Pivots wear a helmet cover called a "panty". It has one stripe down the center. Pivots are responsible for directing their team members.


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