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Captain Sidney Vicious # 138

Joined SVDG: could have been 2009, or maybe 2010


SVDG Debut: See above….I fall a lot and suffer from CRS.


Profession: Full time mom, I also work for the Man, I tried to be a ninja but people can see me so I am now a beast!


Teams you’ve played for: I have played for; Port City Roller girls, SR99, SVDG, High Country Mountain Derby Girls, Nor Cal roller Girls, Rollin' Roulettes, Banked: Bay City Bombers, Firebirds - and all kinds of RollerCon teams… I know there’s more but ….CRS


Skate Gear: Luigino q4 boots, avenger plates, omega postion mix wheels. 187 pro derby knee, 187 elbow, atom wrist

Provided by and tsg knee gaskets provided by amazingly wonderful circle of friends.



How did you get involved in roller derby? I saw a flyer at a club and it said “mosh pit on skates” and I was like “Yes I Can”


How did you choose your name? My brother JoJo gave it to me… it was a mix of Sid and Nancy


Pre-derby Sports Background: None, I would try a lot of stuff but nothing stuck


Off Skates Workout: 4 x a week run, elliptical, squats, box jumps, circuit at In-Shape.


Best Fresh Meat Moment: Washing my bearings with soap and water and putting them right back in my skates.. I almost died when they rusted and just stopped rolling..


Favorite Derby Moment: Skating the SR99 bout at Rollercon and lining up next to Jackie Daniels and Demanda Riot.. the whistle blew to start the pack (before the one whistle start) and I had to push Smarty Pants all the way up to the pivot line to start the jammers! I peed a little.


Derby Heroes: Every skater that last, that loves this game and stay in it to keep it going.


Pre-bout Ritual: turn into SID


Derby Wife/Spouse: After many years of having a just one wife in Roadkill Will, I have accepted another. Boppin and I have been on the track together since 2010. And now we have decided to make it official this summer me and Boppin will be married at Rollercon.  It was meant to be!!


Captain Sidney Vicious

Derby, and Zombies and Socks…


Waking up early ever…. For any reason. At All.


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