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Head NSO SINslave

Joined SVDG: 2009


SVDG Debut: Took over as Head NSO in 2013.


Profession: Bartender


How did you get involved in roller derby? My best friend / "sister from another mister" was one of the "Original Sinners" and I thought what these ladies were doing was awesome and I wanted to help them out in any way possible.


How did you choose your derby name? The team's founder Pretti Wicked gave me the name SINslave after remarking that I helped out the team so much that I was like their "slave".


Pre-derby Sports Background: Not much. I played one year of organized baseball in elementary school, but I have been a lifelong sports fan.


Favorite derby moment: Probably earlier this year when the team surprised me at a team meeting by singing Happy Birthday to me and making a cake. I was so caught off-guard by it. I got a little misty eyed that night when I thought about what it meant to me.


Derby Heroes: Wow, that's tough. This may sound like a cop-out, but everyone that puts their heart and soul into this sport.. male or female.


Derby Wife: I currently have a Derby Sister, Arcee Autobot. I had another Derby Sister in the past, Penalty Pinup, who introduced me to the sport.





Head Ref SINSlave


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