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Slam Bam Mir-i-am #4

Joined SVDG: Sometime in 2009


SVDG Debut: February 2012


Profession: Social Worker at a children’s group home


Skate Gear: Riedells. I like to keep it simple, yo.


Teams you’ve played for: SVDG Sinners and Innocents, Sonora Gold-diggers


How did you get involved in roller derby? A friend of a friend.


How did you choose your derby name & number? From my old co-workers. One suggested Slam Bam, the other suggested Mir I Am

Pre-Derby Sports Background: Nonexistent.


Off Skates Workouts: Running and going for walks with my pet children.


Best Fresh Meat Moment: I fell on my bum so hard once that I bounced three times.


Favorite Derby Moment: Every time I hit that track, that moment becomes my favorite.


Derby Heroes: any skater on my line


Pre-Bout Ritual: I say a little prayer, put on my lucky socks, and eat a slice of pizza.


Derby Wife: I’m part of a derby harem that includes Krash.0 and Thundercakes.


Slam Bam Miriam

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