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Thunder Cakes #350⁰F

Joined SVDG:  January 2011


SVDG Debut: July 2012


Profession: Processing and Acquisitions Library Specialist


Skate Gear: Antik Spyder skates, Omega wheels, TSG Knee pads and gaskets. Oh, the gaskets how I love them.  They were my best upgrade ever!


Teams you’ve played for: Only SVDG, but I’ve been borrowed by a few.


How did you get involved in roller derby?  I saw a bunch of awesome looking people roll by during the Turlock Christmas Parade one year and decided to give it a try.


How did you choose your derby name & number? It just fit.  I make fun of myself often, so it’s a play on many things.  It’s a title of a book in my library, my legs are very large, and I love to bake.  And what temp do you preheat the oven before it’s ready?  350⁰F!


Pre-Derby Sports Background:  None. A natural athlete, I am not.


Off Skates Workouts:  I walk and jog with my dogs a lot, I commute to work on a bike, and I do yoga.


Best Fresh Meat Moment: Coming back from the broken ankle I received in my first month of derby and proving to myself that I wouldn’t quit.


Favorite Derby Moment:  Getting voted in as captain of the Innocents.


Derby Heroes: No hero, really.  But my mentor is Miss Sidney Viscous, herself.  She slaps me around a little and tells me to do my job when needed.


Pre-Bout Ritual:  I have to keep myself busy all day.  Wake up at like 8, have coffee, take my dogs out for a long walk, shower, get my uniform on, apply a ton of makeup, usually make food for the ref crew, get more coffee and some food, and then head over to the venue early to help with set-up.


Derby Wife:  I’m a derby Golden Girl, no spouse - just life partners.  I run with a few girls that belong to the Sisterhood of Awkwardness with Krash and Slam Bam.  To know us is to understand.



Cookies, beer, and make-up


The guilt I feel when real life interferes with derby and vice-versa.


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